Sunday, May 13, 2012

G R O S S O U T + B A D L U C K

waddup babes? i had a bad BAD week last week, fingers crossed for some better luck this week. to top off my car being broken into on monday night, i was also involved in a car accident on saturday night driving home as a passenger in a friend’s car in the early morning. not cool.
this is what I look like now (not really, but it’s how i feel). this site is actually the sickest thing ever though, jump on it asap – hours of fun!

peace out xoxo

Monday, May 7, 2012

D E E J A Y / W I K I W I K I

hello internet lovelies, x

i have a day off from work today so have magically found a spare second to press publish on a post and send it out into the bloggisphere. hope you are all not as miserable as me, my car got broken into last night (in my own garage, would you believe it) and the assholes stole my bag and my Bettina Liano leather jacket - those motherfuckering criminals have good taste.

on a more positive note, heaps excited for DJing and partying this weekend! i mainly DJ in a duo called MINX + MEOW at two clubs in melbourne city; CANT SAY on a friday night and SURVIVOR (with crew from After Dark Social Club) on a saturday night. myself and andy are about to record a new may hip hop mini-mix so stay tuned! have a perve on these pics for now though...

lovegun xoxo