Monday, April 16, 2012

+ S O I T B E G I N S

hola internet amigos.
you may know me from my former blog gunsbabesandlemonade, but if you don't and you're reading this anyway - i no shit love you already and will probably commence stalking you via blogger.

anyway, this is me trying to be hot whilst really intoxicated @ Survivor - a recurring theme in my life #pleasegoddontletmeturnintotarareid (i know it's a long hash tag). this was also the day when i cut my hair into a long bob and realised i'll never be kate bosworth. bitch.

South Beach Armani 'Crotchet & Stud' dress
stay tuned for some real content soon, in the meantime listen to what i'm currently listening to and just try not to boogie - i dare ya, i double dare ya (you motherfucker).

lovegun xoxo


  1. Gurrrl, I'd follow you all over the internet. Happy to see your face again! x

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  3. Nice ice ice baby! haha. boogying all overrrr. good to have you back ;) xx

  4. babeee, finally! haha, i cut my hair too and i'm still wondering why doesn't the olsen face come with the hair...
    cmon, post post post! :D

  5. cute!!!